Monday, April 27, 2009


Well today was supposed to be a quick trip down to the D.M.V., but it turned into a 6 hour nightmare of sorts. Two different offices and one emission center and a bunch of office jockies that don't know nothing about nothing.

After It was all done I was legally on the road. That don't happen to often, lights, mirrors, all the good stuff. So, after I was free, I called up roberto to ride. We were gonna cruise around town but ended up taking a little afternoon excursion up to Payson, abut 80 miles north of phoenix up in the mountains. It was nice to just get on the road and cruise, except for the engine case in my backpack. I should have dropped it off at home before we spilt but it was nice having it jab me in the back.

The bikes ran good, so we were stoked.

Our little trip almost ended without a snag but roberto got a ticket from the man for doing 95 in a 65 zone. Nice little ticket for him. He let me off with my good looks.

Anyway, my day was good. I got home and made Mickey Mouse pancakes for jonas at 11 pm and chilled with Angus and mona. Life is good. I love my pics, only memories.

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  1. ah...the ticket. if you road with me we would only be going 35 or 40 ticket there just the fear of mechanical brakes.....:) glad you guys had fun