Monday, January 18, 2010


All I can say is that the show was amazing! The weekend was perfect, to say the least. Thanks to all the sponsors and to everyone who came out. It made me so happy to see so many good people. There was all kinds of good stuff from knuckles to jappers to baggers, an amazing variety.

The raffle and arm wrestling contest was a definite highlight for me. Nothing like two men going for the glory. Burnouts in the shop thanks jay and tom. If you missed the cake by Jonas, u missed out it was good.

Thanks to mona jonas angus mom dad Marcus joshua wendy whit drea goldie deborah janny laura blair becky robert mike d Knuckle joe george counes wendy big jim and fastlane trent from atomic joey fish chris and the hated of the world crew maxwell at 4q 70s moto noise kemosabe and the lodge matt and deano dice harpoon and grant brandi and christian at go kat go ray for security warren at jr's cycle products utility board supply sean dj horsepusssy and danny g clayton scott pomier all the chino boys chris from internal combustion choppahead boys chop cult and hate fuckers kevin baas for all the good metal goodies.

Thanks again, if i missed anybody, thank you again. My computer is working super slow today but I will get loads more pics up asap. love, jeremiah

See you all next year!


  1. Had a blast..never thought this old dog would arm wrestle again but 3-0 aint so bad for the night..ha ha good times see you soon.

  2. hey buddy, cool pictures. im really glad you had the turnout you did. everyone came and had a nice time. was cool to see all those old machines lined up outside your front door too. good job!! billy :)