Saturday, March 20, 2010

A good Sabado

Today was a Killer day woke up bright and early and hit the swap and scored lots of Goodies!!! Some rad old lights a bunch of good mags. After the swap I headed to the shop to wrap some stuff up so me and marcus could go for a putt down the road and out to the desert. Stopped by the pad before hittin the road and angus was ridin his trike all by himself he wants to be just like his big brother. We headed out highway 87 towards 4 peaks to put some miles on the scooters, the desert was beautiful I havent seen it so green in a long time thank god for all the rain. Soon the nice days of spring will be miserable heat I hate AZ summers I guess just like some folks hate winters, Anyways today was a good day Love Jeremiah



  1. Beautiful landscape, wonderful places, I think the period of spring is beautiful to ride motorcycles as we like.
    Beautiful pics, I'd love to get a good run, abandoned in the quiet of the desert!

  2. some nice pictures here man. i miss the desert and the warm weather. but it's getting warmer over here as well which is good. keep in touch and drop me a line when you get the chance

  3. I took a ride out to the Guadalupe Mountains a couple of weeks ago...1166 miles in two days on my Softail Deluxe...couldn't have bought better riding weather with a bag of quarters and a case of gin. I know what you mean about the summer heat...riding through +110 temps is like riding through a blast furnace...