Friday, July 1, 2011

Magneto Blowout sale!!!

I have 4 magnetos 4 sale. 1st is a morris magneto for any 36-69 generator harley motor, !SOLD! Second is a MM74L morris magneto for a 1970-1998 shovelhead or evo motor missing the cam drive end but it and cover but can be purchased though morris mags, !SOLD! 3rd is a Fairbanks-morse magneto for a harley 45" or pre-1970 sportster engine. These 3 have spark and turn freely but are not new magnetos directly off the shelf they are old but in working condition. The 4th is a generator mount magneto for any big twin or sportster 36-84 it needs parts but the mag casing is new. Email if u need more pics no problemo contact me at thanks jeremiah

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  1. hey i am curious as to whether or not you still have that magneto for the 45"