Wednesday, May 1, 2013

1948 UL salt flats bike for Born Free 5

1948 UL salt flats bike for Born Free 5 update. 

I think I have like 58 days or so till this bad mama needs to be all wrapped up and burning tires and blowing motors! Anyways here is what we have done so far, me and my balding little brother from another mother KELLY form the haifley bros have been working the midshift after our day/ swing shift for the past week and we are steadily making progress all caffiene free!! this baby is gonna be rippin tits off, lots of neat aluminum work to come and a hot rod motor that will be ready to haul balls!! see you soon


  1. Sweet hat! Have you got a builder vid for bf5 floatin around the net yet?

  2. quel chanceux ce Frenchy Phil !!!