Saturday, February 11, 2012

Love Part 2 L-Series Dreams from Sweden

This past summer in Sweden, I had the chance to meet one of my hereos. His name is Nicke and he is from warm sunny Sweden he also has a killer blob called Rigid Hips Stockholm. He is a mad genuis in case u dont know.. From the first time I met Nicke I was overwelmed with this aura that came from him i hope thats the right word. Anyways I am a horrible writer so I wont try and explain it You just have to meet him and you will see believe me he is an amazing holmbre.

A few months back we were talkin about my bike and how it was slowly coming together and stuff like that and what i was gonna do for carbs to make it run. I was mentioning maybe running linkert dc-10s, then nicke mentioned S&S L-series carbs that he had on his knuckster which is another one of his amazing machines. I was like those are super sweet and so beautiful looking, but way out of my $ range and  knowledge range.

Next thing I know Nicke is mixing up one of his wizarly spells in his workshop and he says in this robot wizard voice  "you will run two L-series I will build them and make them perfect" and he did cause he is the master and dual carb setups and anything else...

 I opened this little box from Sweden a few days before the show and was amazed with what was inside. Nicke truely out did himself I was speechless with what he had done. 2 pristine L-series carbs all machined and polished meant for a bike way nicer than mine. all I can say my sweet brother is thank you and I LOVE YOU from the bottom of my heart. SHe runs so sweet and starts everytime i cant wait for you to ride her. I am forever indebted to you.

Make sure you check Nicke out he is doing stuff that i only dream of in dreams I cant wait to see his super knuckle chopper that he is brewing up so check him out and support him..... Much love and respect for you nicke ..
Sunny and Sir Nicke spoke about final assembly inspection.

                                 2 beautiful S&S L- series Dual Carbs real soon if i can figure out a manifold.


One Super sweet L-series for now!!

I Love you Nicke
                                                        Our sweet 1947 more on this  mama real soon

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  1. hey jeremiah glad you got your bike together with so many special parts. it looks truly amazing and i gotta see it in person!
    hope you had a great show.