Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Mr. Fugle has arrrived

Tom arrived last night from Iowa on the red eye flight and was ready to partaay, 4 a.m. snuck up on us real fast!!! He brought tons of goodies from home. He brung a whole bunch of his handmade belts, wallets, belt buckles, painted rocks  and a beautiful seat and pee he did up for my  knucklehead and it is so beautiful. Tom also has one of his sweet choppers coming to the show and he will be selling all of his handmade goodies so don't miss your chance to get some really radical handmade leather goods. Skip  came over tonight to visit, it was a killer site to see the two of them together and listen to the stories of two men who have done it all..... THanks so much Tom, Love JEremiah


  1. save me some swazis, Love Sebastian and Ride Choppers Or Fück Off!!!!

  2. Thank you Jeremiah, for having Tom, Morris, Dick, Roy, and everybody else there. It was incredible. Personally, Dick Smith and Roy were the guys that I was lucky enough to have tell me a thing or two about a thing or two.
    Again, I must thank you. You made magic happen.