Wednesday, January 25, 2012

LeBeef has arrived

Mr. Le Beef arrived last night all the way from chilly Sweden to warm Arizona. He came to help me finish up my knucklehead that we are building together as a Love Lebeef special project. He made the killer mid controls, Super lovey sissy bar, and a bunch more goodies we have been pluggin away since he got here yesterday and we are shooting to have this baby poppin wheelies this weekend and ready for the show next weekend. only about 9 days away so get your scooters ready to ride. If you ever need any super clean custom parts for your chopper check out LEBEEF and he will hook your scooter up with lots of swedish love. I love you Beefy

 9 days to go, a little more paint and a little chrome and we will be stylin!!!

A special treat he did for the bike 

His Killer Risers go check  to see the rest of his killer goodies and support a superb craftsman.