Sunday, January 15, 2012

I heart dipped flames and David the danish Swede

My sweet brother David the Danish Swede who is one of the sweet FUCKER'S came to visit. We had been talking about him coming out to visit for a little while now and he finally came. I asked him a couple months back if he would paint my tank for my knucklehead and he blew me away with what he did. 
We talked of all different ways to do it and he came up with the sweetest idea of all from the boys back in time. I shot some pearly white to start and then  he laid out flames that you only see in dreams. Then he started. Dippin in water with paint on top. It  was the way to go and it turned out amazing. First we did teal green and blue mixed for the first set of flames then purple for the second flames it was super fun cause we had no idea of what we was going to happen with it. My sweet holmbre krash striped the flames which topped it off and then one more coat of pearly white on top. MY sweet squirly brother kelly from Haifley Brothers made the tank with the beautiful dished heart and his big brother dougy did the clean bodywork. I am so grateful to all of you and cant wait to get the beast all finished up and on the road. Love Jeremiah


  1. wow that water technique worked a treat
    you guys were in the groove thats for sure
    inspirational stuff!

  2. lookin good brother! cant wait to see it all finished up!!!!

  3. Cant wait to see it in person...we gotta little ridin to do...Very nice

  4. this tank is nuts!! fuckin great job