Monday, January 16, 2012

Frame Fixin @ Haifley Bros.

 I had been stressin for the last month about my frame being super tweeked. The front motor mount was bent all to hell the lower legs were smashed all to bits and the front right down tube looked like an arch in a rainbow and time was runnin out to get her done for the show.  Well Kelly and Courtney over @ Haifley bros cleared their jig and got my baby all sweet in a day, Courtney is a maniac when it comes to bending tubes and fixin stuff perfect. He will "rip the TITS off" anything you got. He put a new down tube two new bottom rails, straightened the motor mount and put all the tabs and goodies back perfect. So If you need your frame repaired, straightened, hardtailed or  whateves the Haifley crew can sort you out in an instant and for a super good deal. I love you guys 

Courtney the Mongoloid Gettin jiggy

Flat as a pancake!!


all new


Perfect bullneck all ready to go