Wednesday, June 27, 2012

SOLD!!! 1956 Panhead Chopper Barnfind 4 Sale


A gem of a day, a couple months ago I got a call from a guy out in New Jersey. "He says are you interested in buying this old 1956 harley my father in law has", He goes on to tell me he  had it stored in the garage for the past 22 years and he is ready to sell it, after talking for a while and seeing some pics. 
 I said yes I want it, well today it happened my good buddy brian picked her up for me and brought her back to Philly. 
It is a true survivor brought out to the light of day. It has all the killer goods and is a sweet machine built back in 1972 The paint is aged so beautiful and is sooo sweet. 
She shall be on the road soon. They are still out there! 

If your interested hit me up


  1. Sweet? I say Fuckin' Sweet Indeed! What a Treasure of a find. Good luck with her...

  2. Well... if you know of someone who wants another one... have them call me. I have a Denver's 16 over springer 1956 Pan on original Harley Paper I need to get moved on down the road... Call me 712 303 1390 ~ Craig