Sunday, January 20, 2013

1951 Panhead chopper for sale

My buddy John has his 1951 panhead for sale. My buddy Tom Fugle wrote all the details below. This is a killer bike with an awesome history. EFMC. THE BIKE IS  $12,000 A VERY GOOD DEAL

I'll give you a little background about John and his choppers.

In 1967, at the age of 17 John saw Tiny Brower and myself, members of El Forastero Motorcycle Club, riding choppers throughout the Sioux City area.

Choppers are all he has wanted to build since then. He worked at the grocery store and couldn't build exactly what he wanted at that time.

In June 1970 he bought this 1951 panhead (full dresser). Chopped it early 1970's style. 15" over glide front end, 2" narrow triple trees, about a 50 degree rake. At that time nobdy was stretching front frame legs.

John became a El Forastero Club Member in 1975, and is still a member today. He rode this bike untill 1978. He thinks like I do riding is only half the fun, building choppers is the other half. In 1978 he bought a brand new nose cone shovelhead motor. Built that chopper rode it until 1992. Then he bought a brand new FXR and immediately chopped it to the max.

The pan sat in pieces until 1993. At that time he started a total rebuild in the 1960's style that he couldn't afford to do in 1967. The chopper has a 7" over stock Harley Springer with a 36 degree rake~1.8 gallon peanut tank~ 5/8" in stainless steel sissy bar~12 volt charging system~Bendix carborator~ The pictures show all other features which are too numerous to mention.

The reasons this 1951 panhead is for sale is because he needs the money to buy a brand new 103, 6 speed. He has to have that thrill of combining new and old ideas into building choppers with the latest technology.

This bike is in very good condition. The motor was totally rebuilt and has only about 3000 miles on it.

If there are any questions feel free to contact me @ and I can put you in contact with John.

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