Sunday, April 25, 2010

1976 FXE for sale

1976 FXE for sale this mother is real sweet also another one owner bike. It is all stock and has never been molested, she runs like a top and is ready for a new home contact if interested.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Road Tripppin'

3,900 hundred miles and about 5 days later we returned home. Benji and I took a little trip out to Iowa to pick up a saweet 47 knucklehead for my brother Andrea. Themed paint for Micky Dee's.  Nothing like bright red and yellow.  She will be lookin' real sweet soon.  

We saw a lot of states really fast, too bad there wasn't more time:(  We were so close to Milwaukee and the HD museum but at least we made it up to Chicago. 
Saw all the Kemosabe boys.  Brian, Mitch and Eugene showed us a sweet time and ate some real chicago deep dish pizza.  oh man, it was good stuff. I almost choked to death on a bell bepper which made the experience much more memorable. 

Sorry to miss young joshua by a couple hours.  Next time holmes. Had a little stop over in Iowa and did some mushroom huntin'  with richie and his family.  Thanks for the hospitality! 

We had a little tutorial on beef jerky. Man there is a lot of crappy jerky out there, but the best stuff can been found at your local Kum and Go gas stop around the state of Iowa.  

I got to see benji throw up on a frozen lake in the rockies from altitude sickness and drinkin'  to much monsters.   I laughed so hard I almost lost it myself. 

It was a sweet trip.  We  saw lots of little stuff along the way. Stay out of Nebraska past sundown, that place is trippy.  Saw where the colorado river begins.  Colorado has to be one of the most beautiful places.  Seeing the sunrise come up over the rockies is a beautiful thing. 

I wish we could have done the trip on bikes. Took benji through Moab, Utah and Monument Valley. They are pretty gnarly places.  Our earth is amazing!  

Anyway,  I am a horrible writer so i am sure u haven't made it this far, but maybe the pics tell more.
love jeremiah

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

New Brown and White

If you want to be sweet like me, get yourself one of these new brown and white hats just got more in.  

Just don't try any wild stunts while wearing it.

Sweeeeet times!!

If you ever get the chance to drive through Quartzite Az stop and see this sweet dude. Just off the I-10 between the California border and Phoenix he has a ton of rad books, even BEn found one sweet times for sure.. dont be scared it just a banana hammock!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Angus big # 1

my little man turned 1 on sunday he is so big trying to be just like his big bro being mr tuff guy!!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

ol sweet face

robins motor before she went through like 10 makeovers