Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Goodbye old friend!!!

I received some bad news the other day while working away in my little home away from home. My Landlord rings me up and says Jeremiah I SOLD THE BUILDING the sell will be final in 30 days!! I could see it coming but not this soon i figured maybe early next year. The catholic school behind my shop has quickly been buying up the whole neighborhood. My old house is now a soccer field and my little shop will soon be a parking lot for all the yuppy scum to park their S.U.V.'s and sports cars. I cant begin to tell you how bummed I am I have become so attached to my little shop and have so many fond memories inside this little building. 2 years flew by so fast october 1st 2009 we moved in now we move out cause the wrecking ball is coming in October 15. I have been searching high and low for a new shop in town and maybe out of state just not sure yet. I gotta lotta stuff to move and a short time to do it in. I hope to get up and running again in a couple months. Keep us in your prayers Love the Armentas

Sept 14, 2009 THE END

Sept 14, 2009 my little den THE END

Day 1 october 2009 the beginning me and POPS

the beginning 4 bare walls and an empty floor.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Love Cycles 3 year anniversary

The 3 year anniversary is quickly approaching. I am planning for january hopefully????? i just haven't pinned down the date yet. I hope this year to be extra sweet I have a couple good things planned and some real awesome holmbres ridin sweet sickles comin in. I hope it to be fun and happy I will let you all know soon. I have some stuff that needs to be figured out but i am sure we will prevail. My sweet brother Sebastian from the JOKERS drew me this extra special poster of me on Andreas long pan thank you so much buddy love Jeremiah

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

MIchAel Schmidt motorphysco movie

MIchael is a real sweet holmbre he is doing so much great stuff with his camera. He just finished this teaser video that he is doing for DICE which is so beautiful check his foto BLOBb for more of his cool camera photog stuff, Thanks for letting me be a part of your beautiful work i cant wait to see the rest. I hope i dont look fat uuuh me and jason need slimfast.. I love you buddy see you soon.

6 Over - Teaser from Wild Honey Productions on Vimeo.