Wednesday, December 29, 2010

WKITHOK Snow delay

Today John stopped by a visited us he was in town because of all the snowy weather in New York. So because of the snow delays he got to spend two sweet days in the desert. It was a pleasure hanging out with you hombre you are welcome anytime. You can check him and all the other NY dudes out at WKITHOK they are really doing some sweet stuff out in the East.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

2 year Anniversary Show Poster

The poster has arrived! My buddy Michael from the Draggers C.C over in Germany drew this amazing poster for the show, there ain't nothin tougher than a Carebear and bunny on choppers with two hot mamas:). I love it so much Mike, thanks hombre. The show is almost here. Less than a month to go. It is sure to be a good time. There will be arm wrestling, tamales, rice, beans and cerveza and some real sweet trophies for the bike show and lots of sweet prizes and DJ Horsepussy will be playing some sweet tunes. It's for sure to be saaweeeeeet!

If anyone needs any info on anything, ring me up or email me. There is a Days Inn and a couple of other hotels within a mile from the shop. Also, there will be a little pre-party on Friday the 14th. Stay tuned for location and info.

Come on out and ride your scooter in the sweet arizona winter.

See you soon!


Friday, December 17, 2010

Knucklehead Monroe springer shock 4 sale

I have a nice original Monroe Knucklehead springer fork shock it was made for Harley models from 1946 to 1957 equipped with a Springer fork. The assembly is complete minus the top two mount bolts. It has very nice patina and is ready to bolt on your ride. Contact me @ if interested thanks jeremiah

1956- 1961 Panhead speedo 4 SALE

I HAVE THIS REALLY NICE 1956- 1961 Panhead speedo 4 SALE. It is in fairly nice condition and works. It has date code 509 FE Y1. It would look awesome on an old stocker or bobber contact me if interested @ thanks jeremiah

Tracy Flat Track fiberglass fairing for XR-750 Sportster 4 SALE with vintage paint

I have this super sweet vintage Tracy Flat Track fiberglass racing fairing for an XR-750 or Sportster it has some really cool old paint that has seem some time but it is perfectly runable no cracking in the glass. You rairly find one in this condition if you are looking to build a vintage flat tracker or just something for the street this is what you need. Contact me at if interested. thanks jeremiah

Thursday, December 16, 2010

1948 Panhead Barnfind lucky day

This sweet 1948 FL surfaced last night and at 6 a.m. this morning my buddy Gary was the happy new owner. It was rebuilt by the owner Ron sitting on bike who bought it in 1967 for $150 from a local garage. He rode it 12 miles once he finished it and since then it has been sitting in a little small shed on the side of his house untouched what a beautiful machine. It has some real choice stuff on it I can wait to see it run again. It goes to show there a still gems out there Congrats buddy

Monday, December 13, 2010

The 1979 peel out machine!

I finally wrapped my own sweet girl up, she is a 1979 shovel with secret ingredients I added inside and out I am so happy to have my own ride again.. She is such a pleasure to ride and adventure to kick over!! My boys are super stoked on it, Jonas tells me that one is mine dad and I say yep this one is yours buddy. She is quite cracky and has all the power I could ever desire. Jonas and angus scream each time she starts after about ten kicks then he says peel out dad, I say no problemo anytime how could I resist..

My buddy Whit sorted me with the motor trans and frame in a basket and I made her my own thanks buddy. Kelly over at Haifley Bros made me the sweet seat which is oh so comfy thanks hombre check him out he is a talented young man. Marcus, Luke, Daniel helped with all the other bits. She may not be pretty but she sure is fun I look forward to many miles on her just as long as I don't blow the motor in the first week.

The Horse issue #105 Brian's Panhead

The Horse issue #105 just came out and I was super stoked to open it up and see the Panhead I built for Brian over at HOTW. The horse photographer Dawn Rosa Cole did a real nice story and layout. Check out the new Horse there is a good collection of bikes coming out in the mags. Love and much thanks. Jeremiah

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Friday, December 10, 2010

4" risers with drag bars Christmas SALE SOLD

SOLD I have these 4" risers with drag bars combo, with throttle and grips.
a perfect setup for you chopper.
Email me if interseted: thanks

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Ribbed Fiber Glass Fender FOR SALE

I have a one of a kind VINTAGE Fiber Glass Fender For Sale.
If interested in it, please contact me through email:

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Vintage Super Tall Cross Sissy Bar FOR SALE. SOLD

SOLD Vintage Super Tall Cross Sissy Bar FOR SALE
Email if interested:

Vintage 18" spool hub wheel For Sale

Vintage 18" spool hub wheel For Sale
Email if interested at

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

1953 Panhead for sale!!

My buddy Jim from fast lane tattoo has his 1953 FL Panhead for sale. It has a fresh motor and rebuilt trans. The frame and forks and the majority of the fab work was done by George atspartan frameworks. This bike has a lot of handmade goodies you can contact Jim @ if you are interested.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Knucklehead floorboards with Bates Pegs OEM 4 sale!!

SOLD!! Original vintage Knucklehead floorboards with Bates passenger pegs. These are some super nice floorboards all original and ready to bolt on all the mounting stuff is there. If you have an old bike these are the ticket. If you are interested email or call 602 332 2971 thanks jeremiah