Monday, April 30, 2012

My Big Twin!

My Big twin sister Anto stopped by a couple weeks ago while she was down from Wyoming. It was good to see her, think we look alike?

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Only in Dreams

This photo is of my friend Dick Smith's Brother Wendell back in 1954. He and Wendell built some truely amazing stuff back in the day and still are today. To bad there isn't any time machines. Only in Dreams Much respect....

Knucklehead 16" star hub rear wheel complete with working drum FOR SALE

Knucklehead or Panhead 16" STAR HUB rear wheel complete with working drum. It is pretty rusty but it is all in working order it would look great on any old barn find bike. The drum could use some attention from some scotch brite to clean it up as well as the pads other than that she is ready to go to a new home.  Please review the pics and email me if you are interested @ PIES_SUCIOS@HOTMAIL.COM  THANKS

SOLD!! Knucklehead Springer Mechanical Front Brake for sale

SOLD!! Complete Knucklehead Springer Original mechanical front brake assembly. This sucker is all complete and ready to bolt on your bike. It has some real nice patina on the chrome and shows its age but works just fine. Email me @ PIES_SUCIOS@HOTMAIL.COM if your interested. thanks

Friday, April 27, 2012

Love Cycle #1

My first bike oh how I miss it. It taught me a lot and hurt me a lot. I wonder where it is?? This was it in its 6 or 7th version of me always changing her up about 6 years ago.

Cam Cover blowOut Sale Early Sportster

I have 3 Sporster cam covers for sale the top and bottom are both 25262-52A part numbers and will fit 59-71 sporsters xlh or xlch. 

The middle cover is a 26222-81 # for an 1981 and later ironhead. 

All 3 covers are in good condition email me @ if interested. thanks

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Love cycles swapmeet MCHAL HELMET, RIDE CONTROL. ETC ETC..

I have a couple nice parts up for sale. 

SOLD!!!  First this nice Knucklehead ride control set up which came off my bike It is complete and works good if you like your springer tight. It gas some very nice patina on it and would look killer on any chopper or original bike.

 SOLD!!!   2nd I have Super rare 1950's McHal Enterprises road race helmet for you helmet nerds or collectors it is one of my all time favorites it blows the bell 500 tx away.

SOLD!!!  3rd knucklehead front cylinder it been sleeved at on point in its life but it is salvageable.

4th HIgh pipes for pre 70 sportster. 

5th 1950's AGV italian road race helmet for you cafe racers. It has a rad old american flag mural on top and the leather inside is nice as well as the straps.

 6th knucklehead or panhead seat tee.

Email me @ if you are interested I am selling a bunch of my parts stash off.

Knucklehead ride control

Super rare 1950's McHal Enterprises road race helmet. Leather inside and straps in good working order I wiped down the white shell and it has a few light scratches and dings but other than what you can see in the pics it is a very nice helmet.

Knucklehead front cylinder

HIgh pipes for pre 70 sportster. 

1950's AGV italian road race helmet foryou cafe racers. It has a rad old american flag mural on top and the leather inside is nice as well as the straps.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Show Class Issue 6 OUT NOW.

My sweet holme boy TIM over @ SHOW CLASS MAG and the rest of the stand up staff over there put out an awesome issue #6. Tim was sweet enough to run Black Rainbows in this issue with some pics I shot of my baby thxs buddy you laid her out nice. He also ran some rad pics of the anniversary that Brian from HOTW shot good stuff. There is a lot of good stuff in this issue so get your tush over to the Show Class store and get a copy while they still have them. 
Love Loads Jeremiah

Hang loose, Fuck You, Peace

Hang loose, FUCK YOU, Peace .Brothers I Love

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Last minute Love

After workin my tush of last week , Friday afternoon rolled up on me and I needed to go to L.A. for some business. Well my big bro Robert cruised by and we decided to take a ride on the bikes instead of rollin out in the van. Ryan and Tony rolled behind us in the little toyota. It just so happened Kutty over at Hippy Killer was having his show on saturday. 
We hit the road @ about 6p.m. that afternoon and headed directly into a beautiful desert storm . We got soaked for a good hundred miles, thank god for the Flying J Laundromat. We arrived in Hemet @ around 5 am saturday morning, caught a few hours of sleep and the show started. Kutty did an awesome job putting together his gig thanks for having us it was a great time. Both me and robert won an award I got a killer trophy from Dan Collins OLd Gold Gargage and Rolberto won an awesome helmet. We got our business takin care of in l.a. that night and hit the road home @ 10 the next morning. The ride was sweet accross the desert and the bikes ran killer we rolled up to the shop a 6 that night 48 hours later. It was awesome to lay some miles down with my Brother from another mother Robert much Love and respect. Jeremiah

Monday, April 9, 2012

My Baby Boys

I pushed the scooter out of the garage Saturday mornin so I could head into work and the boys and little Paloma followed me outside to see me off. As soon as i got her started Jonas was beggin for a ride and so was Angus. Jonas just had his spiderman undies on and Angus was in his birthday suit like always he is a jungle boy. I said you cant go like that so Jonas ran inside and threw his pants on and angus got some shorts. I was gonna take them one at a time but angus wasn't having that he wanted his Big Bo to ride with him. I loaded them both up Angus on the tank so he wouldn't get burned and Jonas on the pee pad so he could use the pegs, we took some laps around the neighborhood Little jonas kept saying faster daddy which made me happier I am glad the boys enjoy the bike. Mama kept a watchful eye and made sure I was extra careful. It was a great time with them I cant wait to ride more, next time with helmets and shoes. Love you my boys. 


My sweet home girl Jenny over at TROPHY QUEEN just came out with her new Bonniville sunglasses that are made by TRES NOIR sunglasses. She has only made 300 pairs and they are super sweet and comfy I love mine. Thxs Jenny

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Haifley Bros BIKE and CAR BBQ THIS weekend APRIL 7

Kelly and Dougy over a the Haifley Bros shop are having a sweet little BBQ bike and car show this weekend it is gonna be a real doozy, So hop on you your bikes or get your but in your car and head on over for a sweet time this SATURDAY April 7th 4 p.m. till ????.


Tuesday, April 3, 2012

ROberto and his chopper

My sweet holme boy Robert came by on his sweet loooooong bike the other day. It is always a treat to see this machine it is a true piece of art, This sucker is a true road machine and has seen loads of sweet miles.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

SOLD !!! B&H Shifter and Mousetrap For Sale Complete set up

I have this super clean B&H SHIFTER with very nice patina for sale it is all complete and nothing is missing . It also comes with the very rare hard to find B&H mousetrap assembly it also comes with the rocker clutch mounting bracket. This piece would look cool on any old bike email me @ if you are interested. thanks Jeremiah