Sunday, February 24, 2013

Love Cyles 4 year anniversary

The show is almost here only 2 weeks till camp out time.

 I am doing it at Bartlett Flats at Bartlett lake, which is located about 65 miles north east of Phoenix and about 24 miles from the town of Cave Creek. 

There is about 2 miles of open beach camping and it is FIRST COME FIRST SERVE. I will have signs posted when you get to the lake so you can find us. I will have an area where the majority of us can camp together. You will have to ride down about 2 miles of maintained dirt road to get to the site.

This year is more about getting out and riding your bike. load it down with all your neccesary camping gear and fishing pole and get ready to relax by the lake with friends and family. 
There are NO BANDS OR DJ this year, just the sounds of nature, campfires and old choppers puttin through the desert.

There will still be a designated spot to place to display your choppers and I will be giving out a couple of awards.

There is gonna be a killer pollo asado lunch/dinner which will kick off around 2 p.m. on Saturday and will cost $6 dollars hooked up by my mom and pops and a pancake and egg breakfast on Sunday which will cost $5. 

Bring your own beer I will not be supplying it. But i will have soda and water, just no glass containers please, they are prohibited at the lake.

Each camper MUST purchase a Tonto National Forest pass from any of the local gas stations in the surrounding area. They are 6 dollars per day and are valid for 24 hours. THEY MUST BE DISPLAYED ON VEHICLE OR THEY WILL TICKET YOU

I ask when you come for the campout to remove all garbage and leave it the way you found it!! We will not be the only people at the lake during the weekend so I ask everyone to be respectful and mindful of others please!!! 


Tonto pass info

Thanks to all the sponsors for this years campout for makin it happen
See you soon. Love Jeremiah

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Born Free 5 Build

Oki doki folks only about 4 months until Born Free 5 and I can't wait.
I am building a 1948 UL big twin flathead which is also the first big flathead I haver ever done.
The bike is going to be very racery something that will boogie and look good at the same time. Myself and the haifley bros are gonna be doing some sweet aluminum goodies stay tuned. For now here is a little mock up of what I am planning on doing

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

New knuckle chopper

Just putting the final touches of my buddy Jim's knuckle I built for him