Friday, December 30, 2011

True Arizona Biker Established 1948 "Morris"

I met Morris just about two years ago. He strolled in with another friend of mine, Jim, who told him about me and the little shop. Since the day I met him he has always been so genuine.  Another real man from an era I wish I could have experienced. He has always been willing to tell me about his adventures in life and motorcycles. He was born and raised in Phoenix and has seen the city grow and grow.  He remembers when Phoenix was all desert, north of McDowell Road and cattle ranches had more population than the city itself.  It was a time when the salt river ran free through downtown.

He showed me a couple of pics that first time.  I was amazed and shared them on the blog. About two weeks ago, he finally dug out the rest of his pictures and shared them with me.  I was speechless.  Morris really has some killer history in this state. He got his first 1938 knucklehead at the ripe old age of 16 in 1949. He used to run around all over Arizona, from Prescott to Nogales, Mexico, with a small gang of friends who had Indians and Harley's.  I couldn't imagine what it must have been like. Dirt roads and trails, truly amazing I bet for sure.

Morris sold his 1938 in 1952 for $200 bucks when he married his wife Virginia, so they could get a new refrigerator. That same year he was drafted into the Army and went to Korea.  He served his time as a Vehicle mechanic. When he came back from Korea he had two children and got back into motorcycles.  Later on down the road his son got the bug for bikes and they shared that relationship together.  In 1995 Morris tracked down a basket case 1938 and rebuilt the bike of his youth with his son. His son sadly passed eight years ago.

He has a beautiful collection of old Indians and Harley's, and still love building them.  At 78, Morris is still going strong.  His sweet wife Virginia is alive and well.  He is a true piece of history in Arizona.  He is a man from a time when men were men.
Thanks so much, Morris.
Love your friend Jeremiah

                                                         Morris age 16

                                      Black Canyon city 1949 morris far right

                                                        Nogales, Mexico 1950
                                    Apache Junction Arizona 1949 Morris far left

                                                            Morris and Virginia
                                                            Morris on his 1938

Local drag car 1949
                                                                  New paint

                                                       True Love

                                                             Pure Style

Indians and Harleys

First bike


Young Love Nogales Mexico

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Z&G Ribbed XLCH Primary cover 4 sale

I have this super sweet Z and G enterprises aluminum ribbed primary cover for a 1957-1970 xlch sportster. I hate to get rid of this gem but I need some new tools for the shop. This is a super rare piece and would put the icing on on any old sporty. It has a few lights scratches and little dings but nothing super major no cracks or repairs and the gasket mating surface is good. Email me @ if your interested thanks

British Columbia Bound Purple People eater Pan

Just about got this sweet mama all done she will be heading to her new home up in Canada soon. Been slowing breakin in the new motor she is about ready for some wheelies!! More sweet choppers to come this month, gettin ready for the show it's coming super fast and haven't even started on my chopper lots of late nights to come!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas and Feliz Navidad from the Love Family

Merry XMASS Everyone out there around the world and a Happy New Year.  
Love the Armenta Family 

I found these really cool old pics about a month ago and was waiting for Christmas to get closer before sharing them.  I think they are so rad. They look to be from the late 40's, early 50's.  What an amazing time I wish I could have experienced. Just imagine being that little boy or little girl and gettin' all dolled for your picture with the stuffed reindeer for christmas.  I wish.  Times and things have changed so much just in my life, what will it be like in the years to come?

chopper babies

My little babies are growing so fast. Mona brought Angus and Paloma by today for lunch while Jonas was in school and Angus kept saying "motorcycle motorcyle up up". So he and his little sister took a ride little Paloma, already a Scooter Mama. Love you Babies!!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

New T-shirts and Sweaters New Designs

I got some new Tee's in Black, White, and Grey with 2 new designs they are Fruit of the Loom and some Black sweaters that are nice and comfy for the winter check out the LOVE store and get one while you can. Thanks Sebastian and Pat for hookin it up for me love you guys

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Knucklehead Frame Schematic Blueprint Help???

My good buddy Morris showed me some more pics he dug up from when he was young this was him in 1948 on his 1938 Knucklehead so Killer!! Loads more to come soon once i can scan them in. Morris is another living legend and still living it today.

I need a knucklehead frame schematic blueprint if anyone has one computerized as a tiff, jpeg, whatever anything will work I just cant find any good detailed schematics for some questions I need to figure out on a frame if you can please email me @ if you have anything thxs.

Morris Today on his 38 Knucklehead

I need a schematic like this one Below of a panhead but one that is legible to make out please help thxs Jeremiah