Thursday, September 30, 2010

Andrea and Angel

We love you guys and cant wait till we see you again.. You guys are truely family the boys miss you and cant wait till next time love the Armenta's

4 wheeler time

On our way back home from our little getaway last week I stopped at my uncles house in Blythe Ca. To my surprise he told me to take this sweet little four wheeler home. My cousin billy got it for christmas back in 1985 a yamaha 110. I can remember many summers ridin this little beast around the desert. Now my boys have it and she runs like a dream. Me and jonas cleaned the carb put fresh gas a and a new plug and we were off ridin till the sun went down tonight. I had to pry the boys off of it Jonas loves ridin top speed jumping speed bumps I cant imagine all the trouble they will cause on this little beast.

Wild Angels

came accross this sweet pic a color still from wild angels

Monday, September 27, 2010

my sweet 46

Just spotted a picture of my old 46 on the NFK site I miss her so much I hope the guy is enjoying her and puttin sweet miles on

Saturday, September 25, 2010

On the road.

Me and the family on the road up in northern California be back soon takin a little break..

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

forever young...

These two little guys are my best buddies in the whole world. Everyday it is something new with them they are such characters I wish they could stay young forever. I have been workin loads lately I cant wait for some good days off with them. The new thing is wrestlin dad has to show them the moves I have been gettin some real fightin weight on just for the occasion.

I took the knuckle for a little put out to the desert early this morning to a town called black canyon city. I finally got all the bugs out of her, soon our journey will begin she is a strong runnin machine. I cant wait for Andrea to enjoy her,,

Sunday, September 12, 2010

A true friend

This sweet mama was built for a true friend old jaybird in Seattle. I sure miss riding her It sure was an awesome trip from phx to Seattle. Time flies already a year and a half see you soon good buddy

Friday, September 10, 2010


Get these two sweet pre units before they are gone....

Another Pre Unit Motor For Sale 1951 SOLD

I picked up another sweet beast toady a 1951 motor all complete and she is altogether and turns over real sweet. according to the vin # it is a 1951 motor. Email or call 602 332 2971 if interested she is priced very reasonable.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Pre Unit Triumph motor, transmission and super charger 4 sale!! SOLD

I have a pretty sweet pre unit triumph motor. trans, primary covers and a supercharger.The bottom end is all together with all the gears and goodies and real clean. It has pistons in the cylinders and the head is complete minus the two front rocker covers. It also comes with a super charger but no intake for it. The aluminum primaries inner and outer are pretty nice. The trans is complete. Email or call if interested 602 332 2971 or I am not asking at ton for it needs a loving home, I have loads more pics if you need to see more details. I also came across some unit motor stuff I will put up soon.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

The night and day eater!! 47 knucklehead

Well here she is I finally finished her up for my good buddy Andrea. He and Angel arrived today from luxembourg to see his new baby waitin for him. They are on a 24 day ridin trip to all kinds of sweet places I wish I could go. This bike has consumed the last month of my life literally she has been a true labor of love night and day. I am super happy with the bike I was able to do everything at my little shop. Painting and bodywork ain't no joke it is a lot of work this frame took a lot of my fingertips, I was also able to lay my first two tone paint on this bike i love it so much. I cant wait to put some miles on this baby with andrea. I will have loads more pics to come and some more info once I catch up on some sleep. sorry for laggin on the blog I am back now. Thanks mona, jonas,angus, marcus, luke,daniel, trev,mama,maxi,kelly slow, for all the help and advice to get her done love u guys. jeremiah