Thursday, September 30, 2010

4 wheeler time

On our way back home from our little getaway last week I stopped at my uncles house in Blythe Ca. To my surprise he told me to take this sweet little four wheeler home. My cousin billy got it for christmas back in 1985 a yamaha 110. I can remember many summers ridin this little beast around the desert. Now my boys have it and she runs like a dream. Me and jonas cleaned the carb put fresh gas a and a new plug and we were off ridin till the sun went down tonight. I had to pry the boys off of it Jonas loves ridin top speed jumping speed bumps I cant imagine all the trouble they will cause on this little beast.


  1. haha thats so rad! that thing fits jonas like a glove now get off of it your weighing it down

  2. That rules dude. I have two boys. Cant wait till they can ride. Nice bikes youve been turning out