Sunday, February 9, 2020

Sunday funday fishing, riding and exploring the desert

It has been a few years since I have visited the ol’ blog to write and share.  I really miss the days of sitting down and writing or just sharing a few pics of adventures.  Well, I am back taking the time to sit and write a little. Excited to read fellow Bloggers coming back: Viva la Blog.

Today me and my little Jonas, who isn’t so little anymore, set off on a little adventure. We jammed out of the city with a quick stop at our favorite bbq joint, Honey Bears, for the best brisket in the city. Next, we hit up the biggest bait shop in the world for some worms.  Off through the desert we went.   We boogied down canyons and down to the river for some fishing.

It was so peaceful just hanging out enjoying simple things with my children. We jumped back on the lowrider to our next destination: saguaro lake.  We threw our lines in the water to catch the ever elusive fish.  We didn’t catch anything but I did catch him smiling and singing, just relaxing by the lake.  It made my day...

We hit the road to make it home before dark.  I had one more suprise up my sleeve.   The day wouldn’t be complete without a hot fudge sundae at Mcalpines soda fountain. They never disappoint! Its been around since 1928, real Arizona history.

These days are the days i wish could go on forever. Livin and lovin life on the road.