Sunday, October 30, 2011

1946 WL Flathead For Sale

A Real nice 1946 WL Flathead harley up for sale it has a nice rebuilt motor and transmission. The bike starts and runs nice, It has a nice original frame with original gas tank, and aluminum heads. With a little bit of magic this little scotter could be real nice. Email me or call if interested.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

SOLD!! 1947 KNucklehead Project for sale!

SOLD !!! This is a start to a real nice bike, a real 1947 FL Knuckle motor that is looking for a new home. The motor needs to be assembled and put into the chopper of your dreams I have everything to make her scoot down the road contact me @ if your interested. Love Jeremiah

Friday, October 21, 2011

The New LOVE SHACK!!!!

The good times to come. After about a month of being on the search for a new home for the shop, I finally found it. WOOOO HOOO! I had been going stir crazy these last couple months trying to figure out where we would plant our feet. As much as I wanted to leave Phoenix, it just wasn't the time to go yet. Family always comes first...

THe new shop is super rad and has way more space than I would ever need. I look forward to all the stuff to come and all the work i need to catch up on. Lots of good stuff in the pipeline - new love parts and some sweet cycles. I should be up and running in a couple weeks, after a little renovations.

The new shop is located just down the street from the old place @ 4532 N. 7th st. Feel free to stop by and say hello or if you need any parts for your scooter we have lots of that stuff too.

The LOVE 3 year anniversary is back on schedule too and is gonna be February 5, 2012. It's gonna be a real doozy this year so mark your calendars. More info to come soon.

Thanks everyone for all the love and support. The LOVE CLAN.

Friday, October 14, 2011

time capsules

I found some cool pics at the swapmeet last weekend dating from june 1965 to april 1968 enjoy them. Look at some sweet history .

P.S. I think I found a new shop it real sweeeet woohoo stay tuned...!!!

P.S. if you have ordered anything in the past couple weeks you shall recieve it soon love Jeremiah

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Knucklehead Seat, PAnhead tanks, Speed king Saddle bags 4 sale

I have a couple sweet old gems up for sale.

1954 panhead tanks no dents and clean inside

Knucklehead buddy seat leather sides with old emblems has old vinyl on top

A set of old sweet speed king saddlebags 1954-1956 they are pretty beat but would look neat on an old bike.

if interested i can email more pics. email me @

thrift shop pics

I found a couple old pics @ the thrift store today real neat stuff.

Guantanamo BAy Cuba 1940. Marine on a VL with sweet side car. The look on his face is priceless. I wish I could of lived this era in time everything was being done for the first time and people really lived......

Looks to me like an early knucklehead jugding by the forks wheels and paint

Friday, October 7, 2011

NYC rountripper

A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to go NYC cause the sweet gentlemen over @ the WKITHOK invited me to be a part of their amazing bikeshow in brooklyn along with a ton of amazing people. It was my first time to the big apple all I can say is everyone must go at least once it is amazing. Went to the top of the empire state building, saw some real big dinosaurs, relaxed in a park that you could get lost in, the whole city is breathtaking. The bike show and the days leading up to it were mind boggling, I ate to much sushi and fried chicken, met Mr. Tom Fugle a truely amazing living legend... Thank you so much guys cant wait to see you again soon someday love Jeremiah

atop the city

central park

bike showin


Mr. Fugle

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Jeff and myras knucklehead memories 1974

About 2 years ago my buddy robert found this cool old belt buckle here in phoenix. I took a couple pics of it a posted it up on the blog cause i thought it was so cool. It turns out this belt buckle has some real cool history behind it. Myra who is jeff old girlfriend contacted me and this is what she told me.
Hey Jeremiah, I'm writing in response to the Buckle I saw on internet. In 1974, my boyfriend, actor, stuntman, Jeff Ramsey owned that Harley...we used to ride it up and down Ventura Blvd, the Valley, in the 70's. He and a friend, John Lynxwyler, who changed his named to Link Wyler, had the famous western artist, Al Shelton carve the wax and it was poured in bronze at Wyler's foundry. I own one myself with the initial M carved on gas tank. I have some photos of myself sitting on the bike. Al Shelton carved many different buckles for the movies and tv series the producers would give to the cast....very few of the Harley buckle tho....hang on to it...MMK Sorry I am so late, a lot going on, but found these from Jeff Ramsey...he is still alive a well, will send some other,, Jeff in Spain at the bull fights, when he returns, will ask where this bike went...I know he didn't have in in "75 and these were taken in '74....
Myra & Jeff....Sherman Oaks, Ca...74 

Thanks so much myra for the history. Love Jeremiah