Friday, October 7, 2011

NYC rountripper

A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to go NYC cause the sweet gentlemen over @ the WKITHOK invited me to be a part of their amazing bikeshow in brooklyn along with a ton of amazing people. It was my first time to the big apple all I can say is everyone must go at least once it is amazing. Went to the top of the empire state building, saw some real big dinosaurs, relaxed in a park that you could get lost in, the whole city is breathtaking. The bike show and the days leading up to it were mind boggling, I ate to much sushi and fried chicken, met Mr. Tom Fugle a truely amazing living legend... Thank you so much guys cant wait to see you again soon someday love Jeremiah

atop the city

central park

bike showin


Mr. Fugle


  1. Jeremiah, It was good to meet you in NYC. Good luck with the shop...

  2. hey, i didn't know you actually made it to the show?! I was thinking you got overrun by the need to find a new shop. Glad you enjoyed yourself in this neck of the woods! I got to meet Tom too, but I had also just missed him about a year and change ago at the DESMOINES Dice Party as he started his EVO chop and smoked out the parking lot with oil then had a chick hop on the back and without hesitation quickly ripped through the parking lot into the street flying through the gears. What a beast!- Sergio