Monday, January 31, 2011

Paloma Estefania Armenta 1-29-2011 baby girl!!!

On Saturday morning at 1:25 a.m., my beautiful wife gave birth to our first little girl Paloma Estefania Armenta. She weighed in at 7lbs 12 ounces and is 20 inches long and full of life. I loved hearing that first little cry as she took in the new world. What a great gift. Our little family is now complete. She is so beautiful, just like here mama. Her little brothers are so happy and loving to their new little sister it brings tears to my eyes. Now that we have made it home from the hospital and everyone is settled back into the house, I think of how great life is and look forward to all the new adventures that await our little family. Te amo por siempre Monita. Jeremiah

Monday, January 24, 2011

Jim's 1936 Knucklehead VL Hill Climber street beast

My buddy Jim got his 1936 Knucklehead VL Hill Climber street beast up and runnin today, what an awesome site to see him so happy. He has had it for a long time I have seen it slowly progress more and more over the years as time allows him to work on it. Soon we will do some ridin together. 1936 motor, VL frame, flathead tanks vl trans it is truely a sweet machine congrats buddy.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

20 hour tucson trip

Me and Marcus hit the road yesterday at the crack of dawn headed to Tucson to to take a little winter ride and see some friends in Tucson. Well 20 hours later we made it home only 1 blown tranny fixed nascar style and a blown head gasket we made it home early this morning good times with a good buddy .

Thursday, January 20, 2011


Now that the last few stragglers have finally gone home today I can sit and go through the last seven days. The days leading up to the show were great.

Vander, Kat, Whit, Wendy and Jason showed up Wednesday to help get ready and to enjoy the Arizona winter. Vander came all the way from New York. He and my dad built a killer little mini ramp out behind the shop. It was great to see my pops getting to do something he really loves, carpentry, with such a good carpenter like Vander.

Jason brought down two bikes from Washington. It was sure good to see him again and ride my old genny shovel. We got to put some long awaited miles on our bikes together.

My little brother Benji, Virginia Jason and Jay from Death Science also came out to help.
It was great to spend time with so many old and new friends. Ryan and Steve came out from Cali with his sweet knuckle and was a taxi throughout the weekend, poppin vertical wheelies with passengers. Joe and Jason rode out on their cadillacs from Orange County. We did a lot of stop light drag races and I also became a taxi for Benji and Jason across town on the shovel. Marcus got the little sporty running just in time for Friday night. Havasu boys rode down on their sweet rides. Jonah, Johnnie and Karma came for the show and killed every skatepark in Phoenix. Thanks to everyone else who rode out and came and supported. To everyone who didn't we will see u next year.

My parents killed it with the food. Mom and dad grilled up the chicken and made the rice and my sweet father in law jesus made some tamales that were to die for. Sergio made his grand champion salsa, ooh sooo good. Kat manned the bar getting everybody well and drunk. Thanks young lady we love u. Jonas and mona made a really good 2 year cake thanks my little man.

The hangover ride was a real good time. A couple of hiccups on our 40 mile journey, but all was well. After chillin' up on South Mountain we headed down and hit the best burger joint in phoenix, Burgerworks. Oh so good. I reccomend the super great big one. After this weekend I think we all gained 10 pounds from all the food we ate.

It was great to see so many new faces this year at the show. It was a great turnout, lots of good bikes. It was good to see people getting on their bikes and going some distance.

Spartan George came up with the Hate Fuckers crew from Tucson. Mike Olson and his crew came from San Diego, Dice home boys made it out in the van along with Craze and his Canadian boy. Andy, from Pangea, thanks so much for trudging though the snow to make it. The raped grape and his crew made it; what a sweet bike and nice history. Glad I could sort you guys out.

If I missed anyone, I am sorry, there was a lot to take in. If i didn't get to give you a hug and thank you for making it out, thanks for coming!

The bike show was awesome. Thanks to all the judges for helping me out and a big congrats to the winners.

Thanks so much to all the sponsors for all the prizes and help: Hated of the World, Jr's Cycle Products, Hwzn Bros. Japan, Pangea Speed, Eternally combusting, Death Science, Maxwell 4Q, Dice, Guy Greasy Kulture Magazine, Spartan Frame Works, Fastlane Tattoo, Go Kat Go, Haifley Bros., Josh Utility Board Supply, Born Loser, Harpoon grant FMA, Dj Horsepussy, Mike from Draggers C.C., LOser Machine, Rouge speed shop, Mom, Dad, Jesse, Stella, Mona, Jonas and Angus for killing the food, Marcus, Luke, Daniel, and everyone else who helped out, you know who you are. Also, thanks to all the photographers who took pics: lady hump, Christian, Jason and Jason, and anyone else whom I stole photos from. thanks to dizzys for takin care of al the drunks and the phoenix police for being cool.

Love always,
See you next year!

(If you want to see the picture bigger, just pull up the zoom option on the right upperside of pic and click original size in photobucket)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The 2 Year Anniversary pics

The Show was amazing here are a few pics to hold you at bey, more pics and text to come real soon love jeremiah.


New Anniversary apperal

I finally got some new apparel for the anniversary. There are a couple new colors and new hoodies and a few more anniversary shirts left. Get them while you can at the LOVE STORE or Benji will be comin' for you. I will be putting up loads of show pics today. It was a great turn out, lots of good people.
thanks everyone.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Jason made it in last night from seattle it is sure sweet to see him again and my genny shovel cant wait to ride some scoots