Friday, May 25, 2012

Da Movie 6 over!!!

MIkey has done such a killer job on this sweeet movie I cant wait to see the whole shebang!! 

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

I see the light!!!

I can almost see the light at the end of the tunnel!! 
I sure  cant wait for the summer to be over it was like 109 today, the shop is an OVEN!!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Robertos LOng Chopper For Sale

My sweet home boy Robert has his beautiful long bike up for sale. 

This is what he says below.

"" It's Long (all 4130 chromoly),,,, It's solid(ride anywhere),,,, It's Fast(84ci), It's all broke-inn, It's for SALE !!!!!!!!!
YES!!!!!  It's expensive!!!!

If you don't have money to spend and Big Balls don't bother me! ""

contact Robert Hernandez for details:

I have put a lot of miles down on the road next to this bike and it runs like no other out there. It fast and an amazing machine to ride. Hit him up if your interested summer time is here and it's RIDE TIME!!

Monday, May 14, 2012

VL frame for Sale

I have a nice VL frame for sale. It is either ready for a chopper or put her back to stock it is really nice not hacked up or nothing. email me @ if interested

1975 Sportster Engine for Sale Complete Rebuild

I have a really nice completely rebuilt 1975 sportster motor with a clear arizona title For Sale!!

This motor has been gone through completely from bottom to top by one of the top motor builders in Arizona.

It has a ton of new parts this was not some cheap rebuild they went through everything. Anything that was worn out or bad was replaced with new bits.
It is ready to go back together it is just left apart for the pics. 

The top end is all rebuild also and it has brand new .030 pistons and a new valve job.

I have the complete engine minus the carb, generator and ignition. The motor can be assembled once purchased and shipped to your doorstep via ups.

This motor also has a brand new set of of Andrews Y cams they will make you pop wheelies for sure!!

If you have any questions about the motor feel free to contact me @ the motor is priced very reasonable so don't be afraid to ask. I Also have the complete rebuild sheet if you would  like to see that.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Love Cycles 1968 Shovelhead 4 SALE

Love Cycles 1968 Shovelhead 4 SALE 93" Stroker

I built this sweet lane splittin machine in 2009 for my good friend Jason up in Seattle. He has enjoyed the heck out of it for the past 3 years and is ready to let her go to a new home now.

If you are lookin for a bulletproof bike that will smoke anything on the road this baby is it. 

It has a lot of sweet goodies a real nice 93" cubic inch 1968 shovelhead stroker motor that runs like a top.

MAX Schaff painted the gas tank it is a true piece of art all by itself.

custom pipes, bars, mid controls. custom suede sweet, it all sits in a 1968 shovel frame.

If your are interested in a Love cycles original machine here is your chance . It has a clear 1968 washington state title and is ready for the road. 

Feel free to contact me @ if you are interested. She is priced very reasonable.

Pics of the bike with different handlebars

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Brooklyn Invitational 2012

So stoked to be invited to this years Brooklyn Invitational , last year was so killer New York is an amazing place you must visit. 
Well this year the guys are doing a Brooklyn Invitational preview for a publication they are doing out in Los Angeles. 
It is gonna be a killer weekend same week as Born Free 4.  so if you are in town you must check it out.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Support Benji's senior project

My sweet lil homie benji Is finally gettin ready to grauduate from college. He has been documenting his travels since he got his scooter 3 years ago.

I have seen benji change a whole lot since the first time i met him back in 2009 when he contacted me to build him a bike.

We was a little skinny guido from the jersey shore no joke. He had the sweet lined out haircut, trimmed brows, and shaved arms he was lookin sweet!!! 
He has always had a sweet heart since day one and I love him like a brother. He has changed loads since the first time i met him but that is what happens in life.

Well for his senior project he put together 4 sweet little photo books that have a lot of rad pics in them. 
you can check them out at these links below

Benji circa 2009

pic by benji  of pan and me. love you

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

SOLD!!! 1979 Shovelhead Engine 74" FOR SALE


1979 Shovelhead Engine 74" 1200cc FOR SALE $$..   I have this nice 1979 Shovelhead motor that is in very nice used condition.

It has Standard bore 74" cubic inch pistons and the cylinder walls look in great condition.

I popped off the heads to inspect inside and see what she looked like, and the heads look good just the normal carbon build up nothing broken or cracked etc..

I also pulled the cam cover to inspect the inside and it also looks good, I inspected the cam for any pitting or excess wear and nothing was spotted.

The motor Turns over freely. I am sure this baby will run just fine with some new head gaskets and she will be on the road

The motor comes with a Notarized Arizona bill of sale. I had the Vin# ran through the DMV and the numbers are clean. A Arizona title can be attained by applying through the DMV which I can do if you want a titled engine.

I am asking a very reasonable price nothing crazy, I am also open to trades. I need some nice panheads or knucklehead top end stuff if you have anything or whatever else let me know.

Feel free to Contact me  @ PIES_SUCIOS@HOTMAIL.COM  if you are interested thanks Jeremiah