Monday, May 7, 2012

Support Benji's senior project

My sweet lil homie benji Is finally gettin ready to grauduate from college. He has been documenting his travels since he got his scooter 3 years ago.

I have seen benji change a whole lot since the first time i met him back in 2009 when he contacted me to build him a bike.

We was a little skinny guido from the jersey shore no joke. He had the sweet lined out haircut, trimmed brows, and shaved arms he was lookin sweet!!! 
He has always had a sweet heart since day one and I love him like a brother. He has changed loads since the first time i met him but that is what happens in life.

Well for his senior project he put together 4 sweet little photo books that have a lot of rad pics in them. 
you can check them out at these links below

Benji circa 2009

pic by benji  of pan and me. love you