Tuesday, May 1, 2012

SOLD!!! 1979 Shovelhead Engine 74" FOR SALE


1979 Shovelhead Engine 74" 1200cc FOR SALE $$..   I have this nice 1979 Shovelhead motor that is in very nice used condition.

It has Standard bore 74" cubic inch pistons and the cylinder walls look in great condition.

I popped off the heads to inspect inside and see what she looked like, and the heads look good just the normal carbon build up nothing broken or cracked etc..

I also pulled the cam cover to inspect the inside and it also looks good, I inspected the cam for any pitting or excess wear and nothing was spotted.

The motor Turns over freely. I am sure this baby will run just fine with some new head gaskets and she will be on the road

The motor comes with a Notarized Arizona bill of sale. I had the Vin# ran through the DMV and the numbers are clean. A Arizona title can be attained by applying through the DMV which I can do if you want a titled engine.

I am asking a very reasonable price nothing crazy, I am also open to trades. I need some nice panheads or knucklehead top end stuff if you have anything or whatever else let me know.

Feel free to Contact me  @ PIES_SUCIOS@HOTMAIL.COM  if you are interested thanks Jeremiah


  1. when i first met you, you were riding a 79 shovelhead...

  2. Hey man, I'm interested in the motor. Shoot me an email at mblove1986@gmail.com


  3. Hi from France,

    Can you send Shovelhead 1200 in France and what would be the price ?

    My Email dongosaure@hotmail.fr