Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Knucklehead chopper frame 4 sale

 I have one of the nicest molded knucklehead frames I have ever came across, this baby is super smooth and is ready to build into a sweet long chopper. Whoever molded and goosenecked this frame did a killer job they didn't miss a thing when they were working it.   All it needs is a motor and trans and a ton more shit and you will be on the road. I also have a real narrow 18 over jammer springer that would match right up with this frame.
 If you are wanting to build a sweet OG frame chopper this is the ticket. Also if you aren't interested in keeping it a gooseneck my boys over @ HAIFLEY BROS can put that neck back to stock in a Jiffy. Email me @ if interested thxs jeremiah


Friday, February 24, 2012

KDS Designs Australia Love LeBeef Belts

There is this super sweet guy down in Australia who I have never met in real life only over the computer, his name is KARL from KDS Designs and he is from the Land Down Under. He Made me and Mattias aka "LeBeef" these awesome handmade leather belts to commemorate the bike we built together. The belt is so awesome Karl I have been wearing it everyday since i got it fits so perfect mucho love and respect look for some love goodies soon. MAke sure you check karl out if you need any killer leather work or paint or whatevers done from the land down under.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

NEW Original Love Cycles Logo Tees and Sweaters

I just got a few more goodies done up for the LOVE STORE. I had the Original Love Cycles logo text updated top and bottom. I have some new tees in black with yellow text and white tees with black text, I also got a couple more sweaters which will be the last run since it's spring time..

Tucson Chopper and Car Show this SUNDAY FEB 26, 2012

My Buddy Jimbo who owns Fastlane Tattoo is having his annual AZHF BIKE and CAR SHOW this Weekend. The weather is perfect in AZ right now so get out on your bike and head south to Tucson to support this show. We will be riding down Sunday morning and will have a little booth set-up. See you this weekend be there or be SQUARE..

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

SOLD!!! Knucklehead 4 Fin Cylinders and Superior Panhead High Pipes for sale

I have a couple of my most favorite parts up for sale. 

SOLD!! First I have a nice set of 1936-1939 Knucklehead 4 Fin Cylinders. They need to be re-sleeved and have a couple fins fixed on them. Email me for more pics and info. If you are building that all original motor here are the cylinders you need.

SOLD!! I also have some really cool super stacks for a panhead. I use to have these on my bike and they sound amazing they are just like the ones on Mark Drews Beautiful Panhead. 

Friday, February 17, 2012

Candyman and Devilinas Chopper wedding

If you don't know Ryan Mr. Alien Poison then you need to he he is a super rad broski and puts some real sweet choppers together and rides the dog piss out of them. Thxs so much brother for making friday  so memorable with the ride and the wedding you truely are a little crazy and thats why I love you. Also a big thxs to Roberto and Jay for hosting the wedding @ the Rabbit Hole..
Candyman & Devilina

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Black Rainbows

I had been dreaming up this bike for along time now. I have always wanted to have my own personal knucklehead to keep for myself and to pass onto my children but I have never been able to do it.. Until i found the perfect candidate patiently aging in an Arizona garage last April. Over the past few years I have been slowly collecting the bits to build my dream bike, first came the 1947 motor, frame and a bunch more little bits and she slowly began to take form. I regrettably sold my shovelhead last april when I bought it and had been bikeless since then, so I had been going crazy not being able to ride my own bike...

So two weeks ago  when i fired her up for the first it was amazing to say the least I cant think of the proper words to say to express how it felt. Anyone who has poured their blood sweat and tears into something knows what I am rambling on about. But this time was even extra special for me cause i didn't build her alone my closest friends all had a part in her becoming what she is, my dream bike.... Thanks you all for making her come true. Love Jeremiah

The brothers who made it happen:

Mattias "Le Beef" - Sissy Bar, Exhaust Pipes, Fancy foot controls and tons more.

Kelly, Dougy, Courtney "Haifley Bros" - Gas Tank, Frame repair, handlebars, seat pan, body work.

Nicke "Rigid Hips" - S&S L series carbs and loads of sweet ideas.

David the Danish Swede "FUCKER"- Paint and master flame layerouter.

Tom Fugle "EL Forastero" Custom leather seat and pee pad, Style master.

Skip Taylor "El Forastero" Trans rebuild, cam cover, rocker boxes, Exhaust idea, living legend.

Jason Weber "ATR"- footpegs.

Kim Boyle "Boyle"- Amazingly beautiful air filters.

Steve "East coast Machine"  - Love Heart tranny filler cap.

Marcus, Knucklehead Heads, and cylinders, heart foot pegs so goood.

Brian, Ryan, Steven, Marc, Bob, Josh, Robert, Phil, Krash, Assembly repairs and loads more stuff.

1947 EL
Dipped Love

All u need is


True love

Monday, February 13, 2012

New LOVE apparel and SHOW SHIRTS and new Stickers

I have a couple new tees and sweaters in the LOVE STORE now only a few left from the show. I also have a few of the 3 year anniversary show shirts left. Plus some new stickers. Also if you have ordered anything in the last couple weeks it will be in the mail this week thanks so much for your patience and support. Jeremiah 
3 year anniversary shirts back

3 year in black back 

black and silver

black and silver

3 year anniversary shirts front

new logo black tee silver logo back
new logo black tee silver logo front

new stickers 3.5 x 3 inches

Sunday, February 12, 2012

LOVE part 3 -- The ride Tortilla Flats and THE SHOW!!!

It has been 9 days since we took a sweet little ride out to Tortilla Flats for the pre-show ride. It feels just like yesterday, crazy how time flies when your having fun. I was sitting in the shop yesterday exactly a week after the show and it was as quite as a mouse, but all I had to do was close my eyes and it all comes back crystal clear.

This years show was indescribable for me it was just such a memorable time. Many long days and nights, some sober some not but we came out the other side just fine and finished the knucklehead in about a week flat. The first guest my sweet big brother LEBEEF showed up a week early to help build our sweet knucklehead he did all kinds of metal madness to the bike he is a true craftsman and i felt so honored having him here.
    A few days later Mr. Tom Fugle from the El Forastero M.C. showed up from Iowa with a bag full of his handmade goodies and a super sweet seat and pee pad he made for the knuckle thanks so much Tom I will treasure it till the end of time. About a week before everyone got here my rasta Brother Brian built a little loft in the back of the shop for everyone to chrash @ and a lot of people got comfy up there. He also made all of the handmade heart plauques for all the invited guests, and did the majority of all the woodwork in the shop. Brian is one of my closest brothers and has loads more talent in the art of woodworking than i will ever posses thank you so much brother for all of your help with everything much love..

 It was crazy coming into the shop every morning and being greeted by lebeef always making something out of metal and Tom working on his Leather Goodies, they are memories that will always be vivid in my mind. I am sorry If I ramble on about stuff just trying to express it so i can look back one day on it.

The whole show wouldn't of been possible without my family, they are my number one thing in this whole world.. My Wife Mona is the backbone of our little family, she is always happy and strong even through the most stressful of times. Watching 3 babies full time is the hardest job of all and I cant thank her enough for giving me our 3 children and being the best mama and wife I could ever ask for. TE AMO POR SIEMPRE Monita.. Thanks so Much to my MOM and POPS for busting out all The cooking and everything else. Also to Mona's Dad Jesus and mom Estella who made all the good Tamales and beans, and to my big sister DREA, my Aunt Goldie And sweet deborah for it all I love you guys all so much and for always being there for me.

Also Thanks so much to everyone else who came out to the show from near and far and rode your sweet motorcycles you all know who you are. If you got this far reading thxs and see you all next year Love jeremiah.

Here are a ton of super rad pics from friends Zach, Lee bender, Pretty Ricky and a few others thanks so much dudes for capturing the whole thing....
The Superstion mountains

44 strong
desert dreams

mr jensen



my pops I love you

ride time

brothers from other mothers

mr Donahue

jonas and paloma

mr bender

True Love


breakdown bus

mr Schmidt

wholly shit


por siempre

the man behind it all

kiyo, mr noisy , monkey , willy

schmidt and robbie

zombies and aliens

fashion killers

Smelly Kelly

johnie and maxi 8 months

brian and luigi


sebass and david

marcus i miss u


maxi and skip

skippy and joshua

Hammer, Nate, Tom, Shakey

webbers and mr donahue


luigi, pretty rick, kim, cindy, JD ,MIKEY

jimmy, joe , marcus








black rainbows



jimmy and danny

jungle jim

the swedes

my sweet mama

blonde hair blue eyes

jonas and emily

sebass paloma jimmy annalei

good times

aunt jenny and the boys

party time

goldie drea mama roy

trouble makers



mucho bikes

mi corazon