Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Knucklehead chopper frame 4 sale

 I have one of the nicest molded knucklehead frames I have ever came across, this baby is super smooth and is ready to build into a sweet long chopper. Whoever molded and goosenecked this frame did a killer job they didn't miss a thing when they were working it.   All it needs is a motor and trans and a ton more shit and you will be on the road. I also have a real narrow 18 over jammer springer that would match right up with this frame.
 If you are wanting to build a sweet OG frame chopper this is the ticket. Also if you aren't interested in keeping it a gooseneck my boys over @ HAIFLEY BROS can put that neck back to stock in a Jiffy. Email me @ if interested thxs jeremiah