Friday, February 24, 2012

KDS Designs Australia Love LeBeef Belts

There is this super sweet guy down in Australia who I have never met in real life only over the computer, his name is KARL from KDS Designs and he is from the Land Down Under. He Made me and Mattias aka "LeBeef" these awesome handmade leather belts to commemorate the bike we built together. The belt is so awesome Karl I have been wearing it everyday since i got it fits so perfect mucho love and respect look for some love goodies soon. MAke sure you check karl out if you need any killer leather work or paint or whatevers done from the land down under.


  1. Glad your stoked as they where a gift from the chopper gods ...they came to me in a dream and told me if I didn't make them they would knee cap me ! Xxoo
    Keep up the love !

  2. Hello there! Great thing you have a friend whom you've never met on real life, but still you share a good connection of friendship. It's so nice of him to make a leather belt for you. :D

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