Wednesday, January 25, 2012

LeBeef has arrived

Mr. Le Beef arrived last night all the way from chilly Sweden to warm Arizona. He came to help me finish up my knucklehead that we are building together as a Love Lebeef special project. He made the killer mid controls, Super lovey sissy bar, and a bunch more goodies we have been pluggin away since he got here yesterday and we are shooting to have this baby poppin wheelies this weekend and ready for the show next weekend. only about 9 days away so get your scooters ready to ride. If you ever need any super clean custom parts for your chopper check out LEBEEF and he will hook your scooter up with lots of swedish love. I love you Beefy

 9 days to go, a little more paint and a little chrome and we will be stylin!!!

A special treat he did for the bike 

His Killer Risers go check  to see the rest of his killer goodies and support a superb craftsman.

Vintage Parts for sale ALuminum star hub Knucklehead top clamp

I have a couple parts for sale, 

 SOLD 18" aluminum  BORRANI star hub wheel,

 Super rare Early Knucklehead top clamp, 

2 sets of old chopper Risers, 

SOLD Bated  Seat and pee Pad 

 email me @ if your interested

Saturday, January 21, 2012

3 year anniversary poster

My sweet brother Sebastian from the Jokers In Sweden just finished up the rest of the 3 Year anniversary show poster and it turned out sooo sweet. I will have a limited run of 100 screen printed posters @ the show this year so you gotta come to get one. See you soon 13 days to go. Love Jeremiah

Thursday, January 19, 2012

A couple more hotels and places in Phoenix

For the fancier type:

The Clarendon Hotel
401 W. Clarendon Ave.

Lux Coffee
4400 N. Central Ave.

Good Food
Postino Wine Cafe
5144 N. Central Ave.

Good Bar
Dizzys Bar
7051 North 7th Street, Phoenix, AZ 85020

Hamburger Works
2801 N. 15th ave
Phoenix Az, 85007

Good Vegetarian Food
2022 N 7th St
Phoenix, AZ 85004

Top of South Mountain
10919 South Central Avenue, 
Phoenix, Arizona

Ryan's Chopper wedding Feb 3 , 2012

Ryan is marryin his two sweet choppers the day before the show it is gonna be a super fun party I cant wait.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Frame Fixin @ Haifley Bros.

 I had been stressin for the last month about my frame being super tweeked. The front motor mount was bent all to hell the lower legs were smashed all to bits and the front right down tube looked like an arch in a rainbow and time was runnin out to get her done for the show.  Well Kelly and Courtney over @ Haifley bros cleared their jig and got my baby all sweet in a day, Courtney is a maniac when it comes to bending tubes and fixin stuff perfect. He will "rip the TITS off" anything you got. He put a new down tube two new bottom rails, straightened the motor mount and put all the tabs and goodies back perfect. So If you need your frame repaired, straightened, hardtailed or  whateves the Haifley crew can sort you out in an instant and for a super good deal. I love you guys 

Courtney the Mongoloid Gettin jiggy

Flat as a pancake!!


all new


Perfect bullneck all ready to go

Sunday, January 15, 2012

I heart dipped flames and David the danish Swede

My sweet brother David the Danish Swede who is one of the sweet FUCKER'S came to visit. We had been talking about him coming out to visit for a little while now and he finally came. I asked him a couple months back if he would paint my tank for my knucklehead and he blew me away with what he did. 
We talked of all different ways to do it and he came up with the sweetest idea of all from the boys back in time. I shot some pearly white to start and then  he laid out flames that you only see in dreams. Then he started. Dippin in water with paint on top. It  was the way to go and it turned out amazing. First we did teal green and blue mixed for the first set of flames then purple for the second flames it was super fun cause we had no idea of what we was going to happen with it. My sweet holmbre krash striped the flames which topped it off and then one more coat of pearly white on top. MY sweet squirly brother kelly from Haifley Brothers made the tank with the beautiful dished heart and his big brother dougy did the clean bodywork. I am so grateful to all of you and cant wait to get the beast all finished up and on the road. Love Jeremiah

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


The show is almost here only about 3 weeks to go woooooo hoooooo. It is gonna be a real doozie for sure there is a DAYS INN HOTEL about 1.3 miles from the shop. The hotel has a sweet pool free b-fast and wifi and there is quite a few rooms still open. It is located @ 502  W. Camelback Rd. Phoenix Az 85013 Phone # is 602 264 9290. There are also so more hotels nearby that are a little more ritzy  or a little less but this one is pretty good see you all soon. Love Jeremiah

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

I am in LOVE with Le BEEF

Today I received the most amazing package in the mail all the way from Sweden. I opened up the box from Le Beef and it was filled to the brim with beautiful handmade goodies. He made a super killer set of his custom mid-controls and he also made the most amazing sissy bar, which will be here soon. I am so excited to be doing my knucklehead with Mattias.  He is a true craftsman and super sweet dude.  He will be here for the show.  I cant wait. 
Go check out Le BeeF and support his amazing work. 
I love you forever brother and am forever indebted to you. 

Monday, January 2, 2012


I finally got the list together for the show this year. Thanks to all the builders, photographers and musicans for helpin out it is gonna be a killer weekend this year and its only a month away. Loads and loads to do so get your scooter ready and plan to come out to the desert for the weekend see you soon. love Jeremiah

1947 Knucklehead frame for Sale SOLD!!

 SOLD!!! 1947 Knucklehead frame up 4 SALE. If you are looking for a pretty nice original bullneck knucklehead frame that has been CHOPPERIZED this is your baby. The neck is original and UNCUT, the side car loops are gone, the rear axle plates are a little chopped up, and the front lower frame rails are dented up. This frame would be perfect for any chopper or resto just depends on how much work you wanna do it has had some repairs over time but with a little love she could be real sweet again. Contact me @ for any info thanks Jeremiah