Wednesday, September 15, 2010

forever young...

These two little guys are my best buddies in the whole world. Everyday it is something new with them they are such characters I wish they could stay young forever. I have been workin loads lately I cant wait for some good days off with them. The new thing is wrestlin dad has to show them the moves I have been gettin some real fightin weight on just for the occasion.

I took the knuckle for a little put out to the desert early this morning to a town called black canyon city. I finally got all the bugs out of her, soon our journey will begin she is a strong runnin machine. I cant wait for Andrea to enjoy her,,


  1. Jeez, Angus Is the cutest baby in the whole world and why cant i get away with hangin out in my drive way in my undies! you need a hair cut and wash your jeans!!!
    miss you guys!

  2. P.S. those fork boots are tits! ttys

  3. Nice Knuck j!! Cool vid with the fam.

  4. that bike is so cool, you really got a unique style, keep up the good work!