Friday, December 2, 2011

Skip Taylor EL Forastero M.C. Living Legend

A couple of months ago, I had the honor of meeting Tom Fugle, of the El Forastero M.C.,  in N.Y.C at the Brooklyn Invitational. It was amazing to meet him and hear some of his great stories.  I was blown away by him still kicking, riding and living the life. 

Well, fast-forward to about a week ago. I get a phone call and the guy on the other end says, "Can I talk with Jeremiah?"  So, I say, "Sure, this is him. Can I help you?"  He says, "Yeah, this is Skip Taylor."   Instantly, I think no way, Skip, from the "My old gang" painting by David Mann. The second guy over from the right side of the picture, with the crazy iron cross sissy bar.  YEP!  

I was trippin.  These are the guys I look up to.  They were living, building, riding the most outrageous choppers in the 60's.  A time when it was all new.  A time I can only dream of experiencing.  

Tom had told me that Skip lived in Phoenix and that I should meet him, but I was just too chicken to call. Well, he said that I should come over and hang.  I said of course and I was on my way.  

I am glad I went.  The experience was pretty awesome.  Such a real person.  He showed me lots of cool old pics and told me some rad stories.  He said I could share them on the blog.  Skip is still building killer bikes and is the head mechanic for his drag bike team. He and Tom will be at the show in February with some sweet scooters. It was pretty crazy to see and meet him and look forward to more good times. 

Thanks, Tom and Skip, much Respect.

skip today
Skip up front



his knuckle
skips Knuckle
his pan with the star of David sissy bar

black and white in the middle was from the day the my old gang painting was inspired
Toms Pan that is still on the road today


  1. I got chills watching this wonderful post!

    Thanks, Tom and Skip, much, much and much RESPECT.

  2. thanks all of you for sharing. PRICELESS.

    They rule.

  3. Super rad Jeremiah! I can't wait to see your new shop as well. :o)

  4. The real deal... then and now...

  5. Great post I feel the same when I go visit Ron Finch's studio. Such history! What a period in time, you could get a knuckle for nothing chop it up and hit the road! i just love hearing stories from the 60's and back. True Rulers!


  7. these are photos and stories that dreams are made from!
    thanks for sharing!

  8. Long time no talk, Skip Taylor. Still think about you alot. Sheila Ward, Minnesota. Not in MN. anymore. Living in Wyoming. Hope to talk to you again. Love ya my friend.

  9. Same to you Tom Fugle, long time no talk. Miss ya alot. One of these days! TTFN

  10. Skip was my sponsor, and brother. None better!

  11. Skip was my sponsor. None better!

  12. I can see my dad Pat "Irish" Tierney in the picture third from the bottom. I knew Skip and Dave Mann and all the El Forsteroes as a little runt following my dad everywhere. They used to sleep in my parents living room on the floor and fight me over the Lucky Charms on Saturday morning. The stories I could tell. Dave Mann was my dad's sponsor. Skip was a great guy and my dad misses all those guys so much. RIP Skip and Dave. Gotta keep the old farts together. Peace.

  13. Skip was a very dear friend. It saddens me that most of the EFMC members have passed. But I will always have my memories of the Glory Days. R I P Skip you are missed by many.