Saturday, February 23, 2013

Born Free 5 Build

Oki doki folks only about 4 months until Born Free 5 and I can't wait.
I am building a 1948 UL big twin flathead which is also the first big flathead I haver ever done.
The bike is going to be very racery something that will boogie and look good at the same time. Myself and the haifley bros are gonna be doing some sweet aluminum goodies stay tuned. For now here is a little mock up of what I am planning on doing


  1. Awesome idea for the sissy bar mock-up, I'm gonna steal that one for sure. Looking good, stoked to see where it ends up.

  2. very interested to see this one mate....i love flat motors.

  3. You have very interesting plan my friend and I am sure that once it finished that bike will give you a satisfying race.

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