Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Last minute Love

After workin my tush of last week , Friday afternoon rolled up on me and I needed to go to L.A. for some business. Well my big bro Robert cruised by and we decided to take a ride on the bikes instead of rollin out in the van. Ryan and Tony rolled behind us in the little toyota. It just so happened Kutty over at Hippy Killer was having his show on saturday. 
We hit the road @ about 6p.m. that afternoon and headed directly into a beautiful desert storm . We got soaked for a good hundred miles, thank god for the Flying J Laundromat. We arrived in Hemet @ around 5 am saturday morning, caught a few hours of sleep and the show started. Kutty did an awesome job putting together his gig thanks for having us it was a great time. Both me and robert won an award I got a killer trophy from Dan Collins OLd Gold Gargage and Rolberto won an awesome helmet. We got our business takin care of in l.a. that night and hit the road home @ 10 the next morning. The ride was sweet accross the desert and the bikes ran killer we rolled up to the shop a 6 that night 48 hours later. It was awesome to lay some miles down with my Brother from another mother Robert much Love and respect. Jeremiah


  1. Thanks for heading to the Hoedown and I'm sorry for waking you up so early.
    Congrats on the win!

  2. Two epic bikes and dudes. The long and short of it.