Monday, April 9, 2012

My Baby Boys

I pushed the scooter out of the garage Saturday mornin so I could head into work and the boys and little Paloma followed me outside to see me off. As soon as i got her started Jonas was beggin for a ride and so was Angus. Jonas just had his spiderman undies on and Angus was in his birthday suit like always he is a jungle boy. I said you cant go like that so Jonas ran inside and threw his pants on and angus got some shorts. I was gonna take them one at a time but angus wasn't having that he wanted his Big Bo to ride with him. I loaded them both up Angus on the tank so he wouldn't get burned and Jonas on the pee pad so he could use the pegs, we took some laps around the neighborhood Little jonas kept saying faster daddy which made me happier I am glad the boys enjoy the bike. Mama kept a watchful eye and made sure I was extra careful. It was a great time with them I cant wait to ride more, next time with helmets and shoes. Love you my boys. 


  1. As you held back them happy Daddy tears?? Radd man thats livin life thanks for sharin...

  2. theres a few beautiful things to point out here...first and foremost family, 2nd the bike, and 3rd...dude Im sweatin those boots pretty hard mijo! I came across the pictures of that hispanic girl you gave me...just feeding my latino women love...thanks again haha!