Friday, July 3, 2009

Buddy Stubbs Museum Phoenix AZ

I went to the buddy stubbs Motorcycle museum today up in north phoenix at his dealer it was pretty rad tons of cool vintage stuff. 8 vincents, killer pans and knucks, beautiful sporties and lots of other cool old bikes more than i could photograph and put up on the blog tons and tons of buddy's race stuff check it out if you ever have time in phoenix.
racing buddy
the vincent 1 of 8
neat knuckle
l series sporster oooh
rad old poster
buddy's lamp
my dream bike
cool duo glide
NOS knuckle and pan cases no #'s RADICAL
buddy with his boy back in the day


  1. yeah, the near correct 48EL is always my favorite to look runs too!

  2. it was a shame the museum was closed when i was there with billy!!!!!!!!! but i'll be back

  3. Thanks for posting. I've driven by a bunch of times but didn't know all that was inside. That blue dresser is from the movie Electra Glide in blue starring Robert Blake.