Tuesday, December 15, 2009

David MaNN CHopper Fest 09

Me pops and roberto hit the road at about 12 on friday and set out for ventura we had a couple minor breakdowns across the desert and hit a little rain our last 60 miles on our way into chino the road from riverside to chino is on my list for smoothest road in so cal almost lost it a couple times that shit is granrly. We rolled into the "Satan's Helpers" clubhouse around 10 pm and partied till dawn with the chino boys... maybe not anyways the nesxt day joshua and sean plugged away on nash's triumph trying to get her to run but no luck. it poured cats and dogs all day saturday so we loaded up the scooters and headed towards ventura the freeways were pretty gnarly glad we didnt ride in that poop. We stopped at neptunes that night ate some fish and chips and got back on the road through the rain in the white beast. it was good to make it to ventura that night we hung out at the sushi bar and ate some fish with the boys after that cruised around with mikey d joshua sean pops chica clayton roberto and had some good times watching people..... Next day was good the skies had cleared and the show was the best tons of good bikes good people and all the other stufff maxwell played the best trick of all with his knuck. so much good stuff in one place... After the show about 15 of us hopped on the road and blasted towards highway 1 it was goodtimes ridin with everybody with juevitos out biker style u know stopped at neptunes again got stuffed and hit the road again to chino. The coast was perfect everyone needs to ride down it at least once in their lifetime for sure.... sunday was a gooood day. sunday night was good after we got back dide some rode racin with shaun and joshua i wish i had a car that would burn rubber u know to impress the kids.... almost nailed a curb and ran some lights and got to watch mr kurpuis do some back seat slidin no seat belt style right up till we almost got toasted but sean had her under control.. monday mornin came me josh robert and dad and sean headed towards tims to see bacon and say our good byes go visit tims it is an esxperience. we got back on the road and did another 80 or so miles and robs generator took a big dump so we loaded up around indio and made some good time hope we had to stop a couple times cause del taco got to pops tummy almost lost it a couple times u know the explosive kind... Anyways everything was as good as it could of been cant wait till the next time love jeremiaH


  1. I'm glad you're having your party-otherwise AZ blows since they hardly have any cool events like this. That looks like Dan in the 2nd pic? You guys are more than welcome to come to our holiday party the 26th.. we're not too far from your shop.

  2. Nice!!!!cool pics! it sucks I'm back in holland, where it's snowing and freezing....
    great that you made the trip together with your dad and roberto! yesterday I send a package to your shop address! hope you will receive it next week!give my regards to your family Oliver!