Thursday, August 5, 2010

MC-130 deployments Incirlick turkey 99, Sarajevo 99

MC-130 and HC-130 deployments Incirlick Turkey 99, Sarejevo 99. Man these were awesome times I got to see a lot of cool stuff that year I was 19. We were in Sarajevo moving stuff to Macedonia and Croatia doing lots of cool missions. We were in Turkey for Operation Northern Watch doing lots of helicopter refuels lots of good times. I became a ACC on that trip and got my name above the crew door I was so happy It was a big accomplishment for me.

HC-130P turned ACC got my name on crew door

My baby HC-130P 1962 E model heavily modified for in flight refuels for helicopters.

MC-130H Zagreb, Croatia flightline waiting for the mission.

Crazy French armored vehicle used for flightline security in Sarajevo nuts.

Me in front of our early 1984 model MC-130H note the monster radome it has some serious equipment in there. The pilots would fly the heck out of this beast low levels at night.


  1. i was with navy in insirlik turkey in 99 as well.operation northern watch. vaq-134 fighting garudas. you ever hang out in the alley outside base?

  2. Yeah lots of good time in the alley and downtown