Friday, November 12, 2010

Sweet family history

Blake sent me in the amazing photos and this is what he says.

This is my uncle john "doc" smith. he owned and operated a shop in van nuys, california named "doc's chopper clinic" also was in the club called "ride on" a small club, but well associated with all the big names. he died before i got to meet him, drowned in a river while fishing (brutal). but he was an awesome guy from what i've learned, and an amazing bike builder. motor paint fabrication, he did it all himself to everything he built. took me awhile to find all this out about him (my family dosent like to participate) thats another story...haha. but im glad i did, he is my insperation in this whole thing. not sure why im telling you this, guess i though that you would appreciate it more than anyone else i could have shared it with... anyways heres some pictures enjoy. Blake

Amazing stuff imagine the days thanks buddy.