Saturday, February 19, 2011

Marcus's going away PArty

My right hand man Marcus is leaving the valley of the sun back to Cleveland. He graduated MMI on friday so we Had a little going away bbq for him. I will truely miss MArcus we got to do lots of good stuff together he has become my little brother and part of the family over the past 16 months. My heart and the shop will have an empty space in it. It is going to be hard not seeing his toothless face everyday. I have been able to teach him as much as i know and he has done the same to me. He and his beautiful girl collete are gettin hitched soon we wish you guys the best of luck and will see you on the road soon enough little brother love jeremiah

MArcus killin it on the spongbob


  1. I love Marcus, Congrats man on everything. Good luck to you in the future brother!!! x0x0x

  2. Shit, that is crazy I know Marcus from punk rock shows in Cleveland back in the day. Small world...