Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Beautiful Bavarians

My good friends Mike & Abby from Germany came and visited us here in sweltering Arizona for a couple days and we had some sweet times. Mike is in the Draggers c.c. over in Munchen and he is an amazing artist and tattooer. He drew this year's show poster and tattooed it on me over the weekend. Ooooh, it turned out so good. Thanks so much brother. I love you!!

I gave them the Arizona grand tour from Prescott to Tucson, in record breaking temps for August. It hit 120 f. the other day, it's hot. We hit up some vintage shops, junk yards, shot guns, built a chopper, ate tons and tons of food and got fat. Mike even ate the super great big one. We all saw him do it. It was a feat I couldn't master.

We enjoyed having you guys and we miss you loads!

Love the armenta family
See you next summer in Munchen


  1. It was such a great time and we miss you guys too!!!!
    we cant wait to see you again and stuff our faces with bavarian food!
    hugs and kisses, mike&abby
    p.s. are the fish still alive?