Thursday, September 13, 2012

America 2012

Arizona, Utah, Colorado, Wyoming, Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois. 8 days on the road, 2100 miles, Me my knucklehead and brothers on bikes. livin all the way..
Memories I will forever treasure in my heart..

Flying over the mississippi headed home from chicago,  my knuckle headed to brooklyn on a truck.. felt so weird to get on a plane and cross this expanse in four hours after spending eight days on its land..

Love u Mona and babies for letting me take this Journey.. 

Tom Fugle and all the El Forasteros Happy 50th Ride choppers or Fuck off!!

Maxi, Dylan, Dave, Galloping gooses mc, Brian and Brian, john, pete, zach, Hell Angels mc, craze, jeff, mike, poo bear, nick, johny cope, church, burritto rick, mike kane, carl Olson 

Go ride your bike and see this Country!!!


  1. I envy you bro! Keep it going ! Super stoked for you !

  2. I'm speechless - Awesome Jeremiah - Great pics (the one at the gas pump)

  3. Next year I'll take that journey but hit up all 4 corners of our Great Land. I might even bring along my squaw, LOL. Get some rest and get ready 2 get ur roll on.......

  4. That looks like a cool-istic ride !
    Thanks for the pics ;) Hope to see you again, one day.

  5. Awesome trip, lucky you!
    Cool pics.
    I'm so envoius.

    By from Italy, so far far away from your special trip.

  6. Jeremiah, what's that seal on the cover of the bottom end Tom is carrying?