Thursday, May 29, 2014

Midnight ride to Cali

Riding the stretch of desert between phoenix and los angeles is something i love doing in the night. The desert heat fades, the traffic is mainly big trucks jamming through running 80..

I had finally finished this 41 knucklehead I had been wrenching on for quite some time for a friend of mine over in England. I had finished the initial 500 mile break in of the motor so I figured the last little putt to los angeles would be a breeze. I figure it is the only true test before giving it to a customer. interstate 10 will either break your bike down or show that it is ready for many more miles..

I rolled into Pomona around 2:30 a.m. needing gas. I really didn't want to stop. the cool early morning temps are what knuckleheads love and the freeways were empty. To bad the little tank only gives up about seventy miles between stops. I figured since i stopped to fill up i had to see if one of my best old friends was awake,  he surely was, Sean "Bronsonville" is truely one of a kind. we talked and ate some donuts before I got back on the bike and jammed to the long beach swap. It was nice to see many friends there, that swapmeet seems to always be so good.

I called up mona and told her all was good with the bike and I had made it to turkey and chases house in costa mesa. Mona packed up the babies and hit the rode from phoenix tracing my steps along the interstate leaving around around 6 p.m. exacty 24 hours after i had left on the bike. The 3 babies excited to play in the ocean the next day.  Jonas was monas co-pilot through the night tending to his brother and sister while mama drove. Next day we hit the beach all day exploring all of the sea life and just enjoying our short trip to California. 

Turkey let me and the family campout at the house, which the kids loved they have the coolest little pad and dogs barstow and ozzie. We did a little wrenching on the scooters got to help mark a bit on his panhead. had some good meals and enjoyed our little break from the desert. I did a last once over on the knucklehead and me and Chase dropped her off at the warehouse for her long journey to England.

This summer go out and ride your bikes enjoy the moments with family and friends. Love cycles

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  1. 6 hours through the desert alone in the middle of the night on a 70 year old bike? You got some balls of steel mi amigo