Tuesday, October 20, 2015

cool days and cooler nights

I cant believe October is nearly over.. We worked as much as we played this month gotta keep a good balance, me and the family been having some good times since the temps have finally dropped below 100f.
I got the side car all hooked up and we been ripping around the neighborhoods. We hit the lake a couple times in the old blazer and pops even rode his scooter out. The boys have been catching a ton of fish nothing monstrous but tons of little blue gills makes for lots of fun.
SHop Is super busy lots of new projects coming down the line and the coffee shop will be open again starting November 1st since it isn't a million degrees any more. Come on by and say hello

long bike with rigid forks I am building

Angus catching blue gills

My cousin build his first chopper

 Lunch date with my honey


cruising with my girl

club pup
Shop helpers

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