Monday, November 9, 2009

oliver on the road

Photobucket Oliver emailed me a couple weeks ago From the netherlands and said he would be passin through he showed up at the shop Friday morning just off the greyhouund from las vegas he has been travelin for two weeks and has two more weeks on the road across the us. He hung out all weekend. we hit the fair Friday and saw the demo derby it was killer jonas won all kinds of goodies. Sat was the dice party and Sunday we took a little ride I took him to the aeropeurto this mornin on his way to the hd museum and to the milky boys. See you again soon love the armentas


  1. Yo Oliver, have fun in Wisconsin cat! Don't forget to get some cheese curds!


  2. bummed I missed the DICE party. I got too drunk at a wedding reception UGH!!!!