Tuesday, November 3, 2009

pismo pan

Me and mom bombed up to pismo Friday night to pick up this old 63 fl that had been sittin for about 5 years we got there sat morning at 8 and drove down on the beach. Mom said ur gonna get us stuck and I did but luckily right in front of the dune buggy rental dudes they helped us out and. We headed for the bike I put some new plugs in her and charged the battery and that baby fired right up she had some rust and grease but she is a running mochine I was super stoked cause it came with that early knucky spinger on her super bonus. Me and mom loaded her up and headed home stopped at top dead center cycles down in oxnard really cool place go stop by and visit them. Then we hopped back on the road and stopped in simi valley to see where mom grew up and visited gramps grave. My mom is a tropper she drove the whole way I have never been a passenger in california so it was rad to actually look around and enjoy the road I had a killer trip with you mom love you 4 evers


  1. yea mia! ive driven on the beach twice, once in a 91 civic hatch and then this past august in a rental ford focus in oregon... lucky both times, didnt get stuck or sunk. drove the civic into the ocean and back... she needed a bath anyhow.

  2. Nice score! That knuckle at the top is insane! I remember going to the beach with my mom when I was a kid in our ol' 63 Tempest and she "drove around" in a circle for shits and giggles (technically it was a 360 in the sense that she drove three hundred and sixty degrees) and a cop gave her a ticket for spinning donuts on the beach. I was 6 years old and even I knew he was being retarded. HAHA

  3. I wanna put that Knuck on a chain and wear it.

  4. I have found a treasure trove here... Thanks Jeremiah.. You have some outragous bikes here. I will be back over and over.. LOL..
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    If you come this way give me a shout..

  5. http://indianapolis.craigslist.org/mcy/1453119905.html
    pan with a side hack too!