Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The 1939 E knucklehead completo again

Well, here she is all finished up!!! I got about 500 good miles on her and got the majority of the bugs worked out. She is the oldest bike I have done yet, a 1939 E model. It amazes me that she fires up and gets real sweet down the road, thanks to Mark down at AZ Custom Motor & Machine for helping out with his engine expertise. This was the first bike I ever attempted to do all the paint and body work myself. It was a task, but I had lots of help from my holme boy MAXWELL 4Q who was willing to give me a little of his endless knowledege on painting..
Kelly helped me out with the narrowing of the wide glide forks. He made up the seat and P-pad real nice also. If you need any superior fabwork done or real nice upholstery check him out atHAIFLEY BROS he is a real stand up young man.
This bike has gone through about 4 different changes over the past months; different frames, tanks, seat, forks, etc... My buddy, Whit, out in Georgia has been the most patient of patient men. I cannot wait for him to put some miles on her. I wish i could keep her a little longer but she is ready to put some miles with her new man. Thanks maxwell, kelly, luke, benji, marcus, mark, daniel and especially my sweet monita, jonas and angus for helping me get her all done.
love, jeremiah


  1. This motorcycle has a nice look, congratulations.
    The only thing for me is : I would have opted for an old Bates & saddle pad

  2. another fabulous love cycles machine. great job / lucky new owner

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  4. good work dude...
    and thanks for the shout.
    bike looks great.