Friday, June 18, 2010

brian's sweet teets philly bound

Man this last week has been real sweet. 

I finished up brians pan for him so he could ride out to born free and then up to san fran and then put her on a truck to philly, his home. Maxwell 4q did an ultra sweet paint job on the tank and i did the rest with help from marcus and benji.  Kelly, made the seats for it, which turned out amazing, thanks holmbre.  It was a pleasure to build. Thanks brian for letting me do her up for you. 

A week ago today at about this time brian, benji, marcus and I had just made the outskirts of LA on the bikes.  We had a beatiful midnight ride through the desert headed for BORN FREE. Nothing's as sweet as being on the road laying down some sweet miles with your buddies. We all made it to long beach that afternoon after a couple bike problems in the city, like my trans comin apart in LA traffic, but luckily everything else was good. 

Headed to the show the next day and it was amazing to say the least. So many sweet bikes and sweeeter people. I got to meet a lot of new people and see lots of friends.  Thanks to born free boy mike d, josh, harpoon and grant for doing it up real nice. I cant believe how many old bikes were on the road and how many came from such long distances, a true love of man and machine. lil benji won the speed age award from nao at speed age, he is also a real sweet hombre from across the pond.  Next day we headed up PCH to neptunes net, ate some fish and chips and took a dip in the beautiful pacific.  Me, east coast brothers from hated of the world, had never been and neither had benji so it was rad to bring them there for the first time. After that we set brian, marcus and colette on there way to san francisco.  Wish i could of rode with them, they had a real nice time. 

I only have cell phone pics and pics from friends since i lost my canon at born free, bummmer.  Anyway, loads of other people like hon from toronto did a nice job shootin photos. Check out throttle he has real nice pics up of the show. 

Sunday night we headed towards home, rested for a day then tuesday ryan rolled in solo from LA headed back to colorado. We headed up the mountain with him and camped at woods canyon lake with my pops and did some fishin. Ryans pan shovel belonged to my dad good friend candyman from back in the day who is know deceased it brought back loads of memories for my pops. We only caught one small trout but it was all worth jeremiah


  1. Par-tay! Glad you made it, sorry about that trans!

  2. Jeremiah, it was a pleasure to meet you and your lovely wife and also Benji and a few of the other guys. I really enjoyed seeing your bikes 'in the metal'... a treat, indeed.

  3. looks like you guys had a good time. wish i was with you but sweden was sweeeet...

  4. A beautiful story, really genuine, beautiful motorcycles built with passion and pride of friends with whom to share the same passion.
    I'd love to one day join a group of people like you and riding my old Harley for an unforgettable trip to Born Free.
    Is a dream but dreams can come true too!

  5. awesome seeing you guys at born free.......benji is my new favorite human going..........