Friday, July 16, 2010

Early knucklehead Intake How To instructions

If you find yourself with some early knucklehead heads 1936-1940 and you dont have that little small baby butt intake for the 61 cubic motors no prob. Just make one I searched high and low for another one but to no avail there are no repop intakes for the early motors. Also the good thing is you dont need that early 3 bolt carb.

All you need is a good donor four bolt linkert intake.

First cut the end off of it.

Second get some aluminum bore it out and mill it down to the exact size so the brass intake seals go on smoothly.

Third weld the intake to the freshly milled down intake tube.

Fourth bolt that linkert on and away you go.

If anybody needs any help with specs and exact sizes feel free to ask I was goin crazy until I just thought just make one easy enough.


  1. Nice work Jeremiah. You were born to build and your style is all yours! Love lurking around here!

    Jim Franco